We are really fortunate that having a lot of open-source platform to learn coding and new technology. I am happy to share this article and I’m an noob to design a best chatbot. yes, in this article I’m also going to design best chatbot with you. also I have successfully completed an wordpress chatbot plugin which will be released soon on this site. Generally, what is best chatbot among all ? why do we search and try to get best among best and choosing best in existed. My answer is we have to found the best of ourself to bring out that whatever we are looking for and trying to prove that it’s best among best. Initially, My imagination about chatbot is and How it works ! look like this :

Later, i realized that it’s not a big thing but achievable.  Let’s start with chatbot functions.
  • Get the user queries
  • Evaluate the queries
  • Searching for the confident answer.
  • Give the best acceptable answer.
Requirement’s for design best chatbot :
  • Frontend coding
  • backend coding
  • API calls
Now, we are going to start chatbot front-end design. of course, it’s simple html codes with color dresses(css). What is really need for chatbot front-end. one place to type user queries and second place for showing responses. Let’s start ! Create the Chatbot.html //

then create chatbot.css and try to bring your design using above html code. i wouldnt like to give my complete code. When you do copy and paste, nothing is bring out of your best chatbot. Anyway refer my css code’s if you have doubt’s.

Almost front-end work is completed. Let’s discuss about best chatbot factors.

When you call best chatbot, it should be adapted by all platform. Just store it on your mind, our chatbot can communicated with all type of backend. so we should design our chatbot with API calls by jQuery. We know that jQuery is nothing, but Javascript with extra features. Imagine, is it possible to communicated with lot of backend engines at a time. of course, we are living pico second’s world.