OpenStack: Design and Implement Cloud Infrastructure


From the Depths of Dr. Venu Murthy‘s rich two decades of experience as

“Cloud architect and developer” in Thoughtworks has this course been prepared.

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Design and implement custom clouds with OpenStack

About This Book
Get an introduction to the core concepts in easy-to-digest segment
Master the dreaded subject of OpenStack networking<
Focus on fulfilling today’s business needs through real-world examples of OpenStack
Explore the various design choices available for cloud architects within an OpenStack deployment

Who This Book Is For
This course is for Linux administrators and cloud developers who are new to OpenStack and are looking to deploy private cloud with OpenStack.

What You Will Learn

Launch a mini cloud with the installation of OpenStack
Review the components of OpenStack networking and take a look at how they work together to coordinate network operations
Explore storage services and horizontal scaling to support the expected load of a cloud platform
Be comfortable working on any cloud service provider, be it AWS, Rackspace, and so on
Integrate OpenStack with your organization’s identity management, provisioning, and billing systems
Automate tasks via the OpenStack Python REST API
Resolve issues in your application by troubleshooting
Use enterprise security guidelines for your OpenStack deployment

In Detail

OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform that is rapidly gaining popularity in enterprise data centers. It is one of the most used cloud infrastructures to support software development and big data analytics.

This Integrated Course will get you started with OpenStack, showing you how to build and operate a virtual computing environment and deploy OpenStack to build a private cloud.

Starting off with the fundamentals, we’ll gently build on them and move towards advanced topics. Through this course, you’ll acquire all the skills you need to manage a cloud platform using OpenStack. We’ll not only demystify the cloud, but you’ll also take a big leap from being a cloud user to being able to build your own cloud.

You’ll develop your skills in OpenStack development by learning how to automate tasks. Work on any vendor’s OpenStack or be vendor-neutral and work on any cloud platform. You will learn to integrate OpenStack with your organization’s identity management, provisioning, and billing systems. Then, you will move on to use enterprise security guidelines for your OpenStack deployment.

We will conclude by covering techniques to scale, monitor, and troubleshoot issues that might come up on this journey.

Style and approach
This engaging course is full of real-world examples and is focused on giving you training in the production environment. All of the concepts feature illustrations, diagrams, tips, cartoons, and practical examples.

This course is a blend of text, videos, code examples, and assessments, which together makes your learning journey all the more exciting and truly rewarding. It includes sections that form a sequential flow of concepts covering a focused learning path presented in a modular manner. This helps you learn a range of topics at your own speed and also move towards your goal of learning the technology.<,p>

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