Why Me? Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?

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“If there were just one word to describe this book, it would be ‘Unputdownable’! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

This book has changed lives and aspires to do the same to yours!

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Know the secret behind your recurring problems, which could be rooted in your past lives. While also having a solid plan of action to resolve them.


If there were just one word to describe this book, it would be ‘Unputdownable’! 

— Harry (Bestselling Author)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Come with me on these magical voyages through spacetime or lifetimes–journeying back in time through Regression or going ahead in time through Progression to resolve the unresolved and bring about extraordinary spiritual revival to power mental and physical healing.

Captured within the pages of this long-awaited book are the incredibly real-life authentic, accentuated, and detailed accounts of breathtaking past life regression therapy sessions that have not only transformed my clients’ lives but mine too as a therapist and are here now to renew yours through step-by-step exercises.

On these adventures of consciousness, we will learn to steer the ship of our life towards the harbor of peace, joy, and abundance by unleashing the power of our herculean Superconscious.

Illustrated through true healing cases of people like you and me are the practical lessons and unfailing techniques for tenured and budding PLR Therapists to gain powerful insights into your client’s irrational behavior and trace the underlying cause of chronic issues. Thereby bring about long-term holistic healing by uprooting them from the past to recenter into the glory of the now.


About the Author

Hon. Dr. Venu Murthy is a most sought-after technologist for the past two decades. He is a globetrotter consulting even the largest retailers and technology companies to leverage the bleeding edge of technology. He is also an innovator of advanced computer technology and published author of technical courses. His most recent referenceable project has been in architecting the cloud for airport navigation at Bangalore International Airport.

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Venu has been a seeker or a student of Parapsychology since his teens. After some intense personal experiences, he realized that he was only facilitating the corporates or capitalists to consume the Earth faster while not really doing anything to increase our well-being or happiness. (Some of the indicators being the number of infant deaths due to malnutrition in India, and the ever-increasing alarming rate of suicide in the world.)

The last straw on the camel’s back was when he was married to Neha in 2011. He witnessed first-hand what the grief of having lost a loved one felt like. Just a few months before marriage, Neha had lost her 17-year-old younger brother, and was suffering from acute depression (PTSD) but felt like receiving assurances from her departed brother. However, her paranormal experiences still couldn’t abate her grief.

The author of this book tried to counsel her with his scriptural and parapsychological knowledge, but it was to no avail. As prophesied, Neha’s dead brother reincarnated as their daughter in 2012–bearing irrefutable evidence that it was him and confirming all the paranormal experiences.

However, it was the professional counseling therapy that helped Neha resolve 80% of her grief! The spontaneous remission right after the session seemed like magic to the author. He found the meaning of his life! Instead of focusing on money-making, he made up his mind to transition from programming computers to human minds.

Serendipitously he remembered having met his master the world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D. (Author of the book “Many Lives, Many Masters”) in 2009 at Denver, USA and hence decided to seek his blessings and guidance. Dr. Weiss personally trained and certified him in 2013 in New York, US.

Right after returning from America Venu founded the not-for-profit Amarantos Past Life Regression Therapy center in, India.

Amarantos is a Greek word meaning ”Amara,” immortal, and “Tos,” flower. “The immortal flower” which is all of us—our real self. Since its founding, Amarantos has been blessed with the opportunity of transforming the lives of thousands and averted countless suicides, while also having shared this joy by training psychologists and psychiatrists on this new age healing modality!

You can know more about their work on

Alternatively, in the book “My Mystical PLRT…”

Or we welcome you to get in touch with him by going to

May all the abundance and goodwill head your way!

12 reviews for Why Me? Could your chronic problems be rooted in your past lives?

  1. Dr. Unni

    Beautiful book

    This book is a beautifully written & is useful for those who are interested in Past life regression therapy(PLRT). Venu with his vast experience in this field has used simple language to guide us by sharing some interesting cases – from his practice of PLRT.

  2. Rajalakshmi (verified owner)

    Amazing book. Very heartening that this publication comes from …

    Mr. Venu Murthy, a direct trainee of Dr. Brian Weiss.
    Also all the reviews on Amarantos site is very encouraging . Venu is loved and held in high esteem by all the Trainees and Patients alike.
    This book will be a feast to those who are interested in matters of PLR.

  3. Harish PL

    Very interesting and informative

    It explains the causes for various issues we face in our lives and how PLRT can be used to overcome these. It covers interesting topics like guilt, substance abuse, sleep deprivation and validation of information coming out from the regressions. It is difficult to comprehend for the logical mind that the solutions to the complex problems are so simple. Thank you very much for the valuable insights.

  4. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Regression Therapy A Saviour

    Beautifully written book by Venu, this is like a bible for all the Past Life Regression Therapists, and for all those who would want to be one.
    This book is a great help to understand how our pasts can bother us and how with the help of regression therapy the issues can be addressed.
    A must read for all.

  5. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    The Greatest book on Past Life Regression Analysis

    The book describes in great detail a number of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) sessions by author. Not only it very effectively describes the effectiveness of PLRT, it also ably demonstrates the methodology to the practitioners of this science. Reading of these unique cases will be a great experience for a layman who never heard about PLRT earlier. For practitioners, the book will be more of a reference book, when faced with a difficult situation.

  6. Bhaskar BV (verified owner)

    Good One

    A must read! Helped me to understand and relate several unanswered queries. Highly recommended

  7. Shweta (verified owner)

    Thrilling expireance

    Amazing Book ,got goosebumbs while réading it, god bless the author, i recommend everything one to reader it, insight about PLRT is amazing

  8. Dr Janki (verified owner)

    This book is so cool

    I am really into metaphysics, past lives, spirituality, etc. and this story only furthered my interest. I can’t wait to do a past life regression one day and learn of all the lives I have lived!

  9. Dr Ashwini kamath (verified owner)

    Interesting read

    A very interesting take on past life regression therapy as a mode of healing. beautiful insights. Would like to read more..

  10. Niveditha (verified owner)

    A must read!

    This is one such book which handholds you through the journey where you start as a skeptic and end as a believer. Wonderful work by Venu in delivering the most powerful message in simplest terms possible. A must read!

  11. PRABAKAR (verified owner)

    This Book gave a clarity of What PLRT and How Session conducted and their experiences completely
    One of my colleague is past life regression therapist. she said some of her past life and i laughed that because, I’m a skeptical person. I googled these things and got details about Dr.Brian Weiss. So i wanna know more about PLRT. she recommended this book and some others. I started to read some pages of this book & got into that world. The way of explanation by author is very informative and also he is directly trained by Dr.Brian Weiss. Really Worth to Read it.

  12. Neha

    Much more readable but an extension of “Many Lives, Many Masters”

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